Previous Events

Powering Imagination!

On Saturday October 8th, Fuel My Brain held a great demonstration at Cascade Meadow Environmental Science Center as part of Rochester Public Utilities Public Power Week! By combining a few simple elements, we made some Simple Motors, and were able to show some of the basics of electricity, magnetism, and electronics. Check out some of the pictures taken at this great event!

1st Annual Family Fun Day

Event Summary

Fun Flyers

This will be the first of the shows. We will be featuring four local pilots showing off their expertise. This show will last approximately 30 minutes and is sure to entertain!

Mini Monster Truck Mash

This event will be based on the life sized Monster Truck shows that everyone is familiar with. We however will be using scaled down models of the originals. Whether your favorite is Gravedigger or Maximum Destruction, it will be an event to remember!

Recycle Racer

This is a free event to promote hands on learning and to inspire creativity with friends, families, co-workers, clubs or kids!! This will be a race with different categories and all cars will be made of 100% recycled products.

During the events listed above we are going to be promoting any and all hobbies and interests. Our goal is to display interactive booths from local groups and clubs. They will share in our interest of promoting hands on displays during the events. The booths will be set up around the perimeter of the grandstand area so that people will be able to discover all that our local groups and clubs have to offer.